Doubt your skills at building a shed? Doubt no more!

Are you tired of not having a tool shed?


I was too. Well, not only me – my wife was tired of it. So, she sent me on a quest to find one that would hold the riding mower, the snow blower and a host of other stuff that I had stashed on the side of the house.

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She hated my long row of tools beside the house. Not without reason, mind you. The kids would climb on the riding mower when we weren’t looking and it was a bit scary, to say the least. It’s not like the kids were accustomed to this machinery. It was just in their back yard.

tool  shed


After hours of looking through the shed plans in magazines and books – standing at the rack in the home improvement store – I knew that the designs weren’t for me.



I just didn’t have the knowledge and expertise to build these sheds.


My wife and I discussed just throwing a big tarp over the equipment, but she liked that idea even less than my row of tools…


So, I started searching the internet for shed plans. Better yet – I wanted shed plans for dummies… What I found were shed plans for union carpenters.


I found several that would work, but I didn’t have the experience or the tools. Plenty to choose from that were big enough to hold my tools. Even one with a ramp that dropped down so I could drive the mower into it!


Once I picked the one I wanted, I figured I was going to have to hire out the work, at a huge cost.


Just like anything else, execution is critical.

Check out this video about building a portable building for yourself:


Then I found a great resource – an online book of plans that I could actually do!


I got my list of materials together, checked to make sure I had all the tools I would need and only made one trip back to that aforementioned home improvement store.


Bought my stuff, arranged for them to deliver the big items (I don’t have a pickup) and by the next weekend, I was pulling on overalls and looking like a real handyman!


In just three weekends, my pile of materials became my new tool shed. I did get a little help from a friend when I was putting up the roof and then adding the shingles – but most of it was just me and the help from my wife.


What a great idea.


Building my own tool shed… I’m already looking through the plans for my next project.


Here are the plans I found – see what you think.


13 Responses to “Doubt your skills at building a shed? Doubt no more!”

  1. Mike

    Apr 28. 2013

    Glad I was able to help!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Cmarten

    Apr 30. 2013

    My husband and I put together an expensive shed kit at our last house, but it wasn’t the best quality and I think we must’ve missed a few screws somewhere along the line – or the kit didn’t come with enough – because it shook in the wind. We’re at a new place now and ready to tackle building a bigger shed to house a couple of ATVs and the lawnmower and gardening equipment. Sounds like great information here!

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    • Mike

      May 06. 2013

      Unfortunately, many plans out there are set up to sell you just enough to “get in trouble” – hope you find a better design for your next project.

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  3. Jim

    May 06. 2013

    Thanks for the information as I am looking to put together a shed sometime this summer. I am still gathering up all kinds of information on what to do.

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    • Mike

      May 06. 2013

      There are loads of websites offering insights on how to do it right. Feel free to ask questions, if I can help at all.

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  4. Hal

    May 20. 2013

    This was great info. I will be keeping this article saved.

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  5. John

    May 27. 2013

    Thanks so much for sharing.

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  6. Jimmy

    Jun 15. 2013

    I’ve been looking for plans for a tool shed. My wife’s been after me to get my stuff out of her way… LOL I will be looking at these plans to see if I can find something I like

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    • Mike

      Jun 15. 2013

      You will definitely find something that will work for you. Time to get to work, eh?

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  7. robert

    Dec 24. 2013

    Getting my tool shed built was awesome! It got me out of the doghouse with my wife and got my tools out of the weather

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  8. gardening catalogs

    Apr 09. 2015

    It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people about this topic,
    but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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