Tool Shed Plans for the Do It Yourselfer

Tool Shed Plans for the Serial Do It Yourselfer
By []Daniel Katzenberg

Ever find yourself lacking some space for all your tools? In that case, tool shed plans should be in your things to buy list. That is, if you have the interest and inclination in building things yourself.

Building your own shed is definitely the cheapest way of having a shed for your tools. You have total control of your material choices and you will be able to save a lot on labor cost which I know for a fact eats up a big portion of shed costs if you wish to have someone else build it.

That said, if you think building a shed is the way to go for you, then read on as I enumerate all the things that you need to go over to be fully prepared for the project.

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What materials will you be using? For most builders, they’ll just go along with whatever materials listed on the shed plans they are using. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, you also need to choose some alternative materials in case some are not easily available or if your budget dictates that you should go look for a cheaper material.

Either way, you need to have the materials prepared to save yourself from additional headaches during the construction process.

Size of the Shed

You also need to determine the size of the tool shed. To do this, you have to go over the tools that you will be storing in your shed. Is it large tools or you just need extra space for miscellaneous things?

Furthermore, depending on the size of your tool shed, you may need a permit from the zoning department of your area to build a shed. Most areas require a permit for sheds which takes up more than 120 square feet of space in your backyard. But you need to make sure on the exact regulation in your area regarding this.


Most tool sheds looks perfectly right in most people’s backyard. And it is most accessible too. But you need to check if you have ample space to build a shed of a specific size in your backyard. Furthermore, you also need to clear up the location a bit in preparation of the construction of your shed.

tool shedTool Sheds Plans

If you want your shed building activities to go as smoothly as possible, then, you need to consider thoroughly the tool shed plan you are going to use. You need to go for something that is up to your specification, your skills as a builder as well as the available resources and tools at your disposal.

I strongly believe that if you are a novice builder, you should well start with less complicated shed plans. Go for plans with elaborate illustrations as this would help you tremendously in making each and every instruction stated clearer.

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