Why Ted McGrath is number one online

I wanted to build an outdoor building. I made a trip to the big home improvement store and started looking through the plans and designs magazines. I found some great options, but to my dismay, the plans required a lot more experience than I had.


What I found out was that most folks who bought these magazines hoping to find wood shed plans had it ALL WRONG!

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There was nothing in these books that I could actually build. The plans were poorly explained and there weren’t enough drawings for me to be able to get from start to finish.

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I was so disappointed that I went back home without any of the designs books I had looked at.



I started looking online, not really expecting to find anything any better than the stuff I found at the home improvement store.


Boy, was I surprised! When I happened upon the big list put out my Teds Woodworking – over 16,000 different design plans.



I was doing the happy dance!

The more I read about his plans, the more excited I became. With review after review telling me how easy his plans were to follow. I couldn’t resist.


I plopped down my money and bought his downloads!


Page after page of great looking designs that I knew I could build – sketches, drawings – I could compile a complete materials lists that I could print and take to the home improvement store –



In just a couple of weekends I had the shed up and ready for my wife to load full of her gardening tools. With shelves installed on one side, there was room for her planters and hand tools – and hooks hanging on the walls for my lawn working stuff. We both had room for the outdoor tools we used – now they were put away and protected from the elements.


This was the first time I had ever attempted to build an outdoor shed.


I did it, and I am a bit limited in experience with this kind of stuff. You will be able to do it too.


My door fits and closes perfectly. Everything is square – it is functional and looks great too. You will not regret buying the number one set of shed plans available. Ted’s Woodworking will absolutely exceed your expectations.

Ted’s Woodworking ROCKS!

Surely I’m not the only one wishing to have an outdoor shed – and thinking there would be no way I could build it myself.



4 Responses to “Why Ted McGrath is number one online”

  1. Ron

    May 26. 2013

    Ted knows his stuff. Thank you,

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  2. Lou

    Jun 15. 2013

    There’s so many plans in his package, I don’t know why anyone would buy any other plans. I am looking forward to starting to build a shed this next weekend. Hopefully I will be done before the hottest part of the summer.

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    • Mike

      Jun 15. 2013

      Depending on the plans you choose, you could be done before summer beats down on you.

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