A portable building as a storage barn?

There are many reasons to build storage barns for yourself.

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For one thing, you can customize it – say you have four goats and two horses – you can build a barn that will adequately house your stock without

Goat in a Barn
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having to make one previously built fit your needs.


Put the right number of stalls in your storage barn for your animals. Consider if you’re going to add any animals and you can set yourself up for more from the very beginning.


You need to store hay? You can build a separate room, or have the standard loft for your hay.


Add the barn doors where you need them. My friends have four goats and two horses; the place that they bring the goats into to feed them opens out to their pasture area.


The horses and the goats don’t graze together, so the barn has doors for the goats to enter and exit and a completely different entry and stall space for the horses. Animals need to feel comfortable and secure in their space, how better to do that than to customize your barn for your animals?


With a room at the back end of their barn that holds the hay and goat feed, they know at a moment’s glance if they need to get more. The tack and gear is placed outside of the horse area on the barn walls. Since they build their own, everything is where it is perfect for their use. The horses even take note of when their saddles are being pulled down, and know they are going to be leaving the pasture for a trail run.


It’s amazing how relaxed the animals are when they are secure in their surroundings.


You can do this too, it’s not hard to build storage barns. You will be so happy that you fit yours to your animals instead of the other way around!


4 Responses to “A portable building as a storage barn?”

  1. joe

    Jun 15. 2013

    Building your own barn – great way to customize exactly what you need for your own animals

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  2. Mike

    Jun 15. 2013

    Glad you took away some information that can help you!

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  3. Kim

    Dec 24. 2013

    Glad I found this post. I actually built a small barn for my goatsand it worked out great! Love the pic of the goat by the way!

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    • Mike

      Dec 24. 2013

      Goats are great pets. I have friends in Washington state that have four as pets and they are really fun to watch.

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