Roof options for your shed

There are many shed designs used for building outdoor storage sheds. Some are more complex than others due to the roof style. But the shed you select to build depends more on your woodworking ability and your own needs than any other criteria.

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The easiest design is the pent roof shed. This uses a flat roof sloped off to one side. The structure itself is rectangular and can be built to stand alone on

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your property or right next to an existing building.

The next most popular design is the saltbox style. On this one the roof is a bit more complex than the pent roof shed. Each side of the roof is sloped with a different pitch. The front is the shortest side and steeper than the back side of the roof.

The most complex roof commonly used is the clerestory roof. This roof style has windows in it so it requires more expertise in using your woodworking tools and abilities. These windows make your shed very attractive; it is worth the extra work if you would like to have a great looking shed on your property.

No matter what you select, available shed designs will give you many options to customize your shed for your own uses. Take your time and choose the one that will give you exactly what you want in a shed, whether you are using it for storage, a workshop, or a garden shed.


2 Responses to “Roof options for your shed”

  1. lyle

    Dec 24. 2013

    I never really thought about this, but it is surely something to consider when building your shed. based on runoff and the weather patterns for the place where you are placing your building!

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    • Mike

      Dec 24. 2013

      Yeah, it’s best not to just build a shed without considering the seasons and the way that the elements will impact your new building.

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