Ryan Henderson – My Shed Plans Exposed

When I started looking for plans and designs for portable buildings, I struggled with the materials and tools needed. I felt like I had entered another dimension…


That was – until I found Ryan Henderson’s plans!


Ryan Henderson is a master of the shed builders today.

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Not only can he build almost anything, but he’s willing to share his knowledge with anyone that wants to learn.

shed image


And he puts it in terms that anyone can understand!

He has a long list of plans from sheds, garages, outdoor items like picnic tables and dog houses – he leaves no questions unanswered. He not only lays out the plans and the materials in easy to view images, but he also gives tips about gluing and fastening different types of joints.


Because I was so new at the whole idea – but I was trying to save money by building something on my lake property – I was really excited that he has garage and even log cabin plans! It didn’t take me long to decide just what I wanted to build – but with so many choices, your problem won’t be how to build something – but choosing what to START with!


The way that Ryan lays out the plans and blueprints gives you a complete picture of what you will need to do. For someone like me, that really saved me a lot of time. If you want plans that kinda hold your hand just a little bit – you will find Ryan is the answer to your prayers.


I even picked a dog house plan to work on with my grandson, Ryan makes it look easy.


But, better than that –


Using Ryan’s drawings set me up for success from the start, no guessing or adjusting or anything like that. It’s no wonder that his shed plans are some of the most sought after ones on the internet. And you don’t have to download everything the second you buy them.


They’re all online – so you can if you want. But he gives you a link that lets you come back time after time and get the designs you want.


Ryan Henderson became my hero.


Now, sheds and other buildings are only time and effort away. If I can take his plans and build something, I guarantee you can. I had to start small, since I’m new at this stuff, but if you’re good with your tools and know what you’re doing – you can start with a big project!


Good for newbies like me and more experienced shed builders.


6 Responses to “Ryan Henderson – My Shed Plans Exposed”

  1. Nick

    May 08. 2013

    Ryan is very smart and creative when it comes to shed plans. I will be referring to his expertise when I am ready to get one up.

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    • Mike

      Jun 15. 2013

      No need to wait, you can build one for much cheaper than you imagine!

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  2. Des

    May 29. 2013

    Ryan is great with these shed plans. I will be referring to his work when I am ready to look into this for myself.

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    • Mike

      Jun 15. 2013

      You will be glad that you looked at his, there’s loads of designs to choose from.

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  3. zac

    Dec 24. 2013

    Ryan has some very cool and fun plans – though a few of them seemed to be above my pay grade – I learned a lot when I finished my first project.

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    • Mike

      Dec 24. 2013

      The more you work on plans, the better you will get at following them and using the tools. Soon, you will find that even the most difficult-looking plans will be projects yo can complete.

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