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Wood Storage Sheds – Build From Plans or Buy a Shed Kit
By [,_Jr.]Christopher W. Jones, Jr.

You have considered your options and have determined that a wood storage shed will serve your storage needs the best. The question to answer next is whether it is better to buy shed plans and build yourself or buy a wood shed kit. Let’s take a look at what will factor into this decision.

Shed Design

The design elements you need in your prefab wood storage building kits may lead you one way or the other. Prefab kits are designed for mass appeal, so they will be somewhat limited in their design elements. Building a shed from plans will allow for the greatest amount of design flexibility.

prefab wood storage building kits

How will the shed be used? Prefab sheds can be found that will be good for nearly any use. Modifying a stock shed is fairly easy. Building from plans allows you to make your shed however you want it. You cannot go wrong with either choice here. What size shed do you need? Prefab sheds are generally sized from 6’x6′ to 12’x24′, so there are a wide-range of sizes available. If you need a size that is outside this range, then building from plans will be necessary.

How will your shed look? This has to do with matching your house. You can likely find a prefab shed that will be a close match to the general style of your house. From there you can simply paint the shed to match. If you want a closer match, then modifying shed plans that are close then building will be the way to go.

Handyman Skills

Because there is a difference between building and assembling, your comfort level with your skills is an important consideration. Wood shed kits are delivered to you with all parts cut to the right size and just need to be put together. Building from plans requires you to get the materials, follow the shed blueprints to measure and cut, then assemble.

Time Available

This is where buying a wood shed kit beats building a custom wood shed. Because the pieces are already cut and ready to go, you can skip right to the assembly phase of the project. When building from plans you need to go through the additional steps to get the pieces ready for the assembly phase.

One item to note: While buying a shed kit will cost more than buying the materials needed to build the shed yourself, this higher cost is offset by the additional time (and possibly aggravation) needed to build the shed from the ground up. Please keep this in mind when using cost as a factor in the buy vs. build decision.

 Buy Plans Now

When it comes to adding your new wood storage shed to your backyard, you have two choices for getting it constructed. If you need a highly customized shed and/or have the skills and time required to build it yourself, then buying wood shed plans will be right for you. If you want a shed that can be put together rather quickly and will still have some ability to be customized, a prefabricated wood shed kit will be perfect for you.

If you are ready to get started building your shed, great wood shed plans [] are easy to find.


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