Uses for your customized shed

We had some friends in Texas who ran an eBay business from portable storage buildings. They bought loads of products wholesale, stocked them in their buildings and then shipped from a small rented office.


warehouseIt was pretty exciting to see the whole process. I spent a week with them once when they launched a line of leather jackets online. They had about 50 cases of these patchwork suede leather jackets in one of the buildings. They had them lined up along one wall. This is how they tested out a new product. They knew the item would sell because other folks were selling them, it was just a matter of getting their ads to the top of the list.


They had done this a number of times with many other products, so it was more of a launch than a test for them.


Once the jackets were up to be auctioned, they just waited for the auctions to end.


They made a trip to each of their three portable buildings with their pickup and a list of the sold items from the day before and loaded everything they need to ship. It was a pretty cool setup. They ended the drive at the last building, where they had their shipping area set up, boxed stuff up, added shipping labels and then left them ready for pickup inside the overhead door.


The husband came back at 4PM to meet the pickup, while the wife launched the new auctions from the rented office.

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As their business grew, they added more portable storage buildings to accommodate the warehousing operation.


Last I heard from them, they had bought several acres and were building their own customized warehouse using plans that laid out the storage just like they needed it. I’m sure, by now, they are operating out of the one building. A true testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit.


And it all started with some shed plans.


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  1. michael

    Jun 15. 2013

    I never thought about using one for a warehouse like that – what a great idea, Cool way to control costs!

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  2. Mike

    Jun 15. 2013

    Yeah, it worked out great for us. Glad you found our experience useful. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my site.

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  3. Kim

    Dec 24. 2013

    I have built two sheds – one for storage and one as a barn for my pet goats. awesome post, thanks!

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    • Mike

      Dec 24. 2013

      Awesome! Glad to hear that you put the plans to use. Thanks for commenting here.

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