Perfect Shed for Your Yard


Finding the Perfect Type of Shed for Your Yard

Making plans for a shed in your backyard is a wise move. Adding a perfect shed to your property can give you extra space to store all of your lawn and garden equipment when it’s not being used and helps keep everything protected and organized.

While building one of these sheds can provide all these benefits, choosing the wrong style of building can not only ruin the look of your yard, it may not meet your needs.

Some sheds are designed to be used for smaller items and will include a floor plan that favors flat walls for shelves and hooks for hanging garden tools and organizing things. Other sheds can be much larger and house everything from bikes to lawn tractors and need a larger door for getting these items in and out of the shed.

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Which style you choose has as much to do with the equipment you plan to store in the shed as your personal preference. There are several general styles of sheds that most plans focus on and knowing what they are and the advantages they provide will help you in your decision.

The simplest shed most people install in their yards is the lean to shed. This type of shed is designed with a flat back that makes it perfect for small spaces. This type of design allows you to install it right up against the side of a house or fence and fit it into a smaller yard.

Even though it is typically smaller than other styles of sheds, it can still provide a lot of storage space for your needs. It features a single roof that slopes forward off the high back wall and can be configured with larger doors if needed to store bikes and scooters. This type of shed is also perfect for the garden since it provides a long and tall back wall tailor-made for hooks and shelves to store rakes and other garden equipment.


Another somewhat larger shed is the traditional gable shed. This shed looks like you set two of the lean to sheds back to back in its design, which provides a lot of flexible space. This is the most common shed found in backyards and is usually outfitted with a large set of doors at one end for access.

Because this shed provides a lot more interior space, it can be used for a wide variety of storage needs. Some of these sheds are also built with windows or a second entrance to provide access at both ends of the structure. This makes it easier to divide the shed for different types of storage needs and avoid crawling over the items you have near the front door to reach things in the rear.

The saltbox shed is very similar to the gable shed but has a bit of a different roof design. Unlike the gable shed that has a roof that is symmetrical and slopes the same to both sides of the peak, the saltbox shed features a roof that is shorter on the rear and longer on the front.

This gives this type of shed a very distinctive look that many homeowners prefer over the simple gable. Depending on the style of your home, this type of saltbox shed might compliment it very well. This type of shed offers about the same interior space as the gable and can be built with multiple doors and windows in a variety of sizes. It usually features one larger door for the main access and a smaller secondary door in the rear or side.

One final style of shed is called the gambrel shed and is typically the largest shed style that is used in the backyard. The roof on this shed is a two-stage design that provides a lot of interior height for the shed. It initially slopes out from the peak of the shed in two equal lengths at a gentle downward slope then changes to a much steeper pitch.

This type of shed looks like a traditional barn to most people and can house the widest variety of items. Plans for a shed of this type come in a great range of sizes and they can be used to store everything from garden supplies to automobiles. As a backyard shed, the gambrel is the ultimate in storage shed plans and can fit in with almost any style home.





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