Review of Ryan Henderson plans

I needed an outdoor shed, but after I visited the big home improvement stores (you know the ones) I came away extremely disappointed.


There were plenty of kits available, but the wood kits were so expensive. And I didn’t want a metal building. After just a few months, they start looking so run-down.

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Once I started looking around online, I found several sites that offered plans – then I found My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson. I was amazed at the number and styles of portable buildings listed in his downloads!

my shed plans


There really are thousands available. All downloadable – all clear with instructions that are easy to follow. Now that doesn’t mean that you can build a 3 room log cabin without a little help. Though that would be nice.


But it does mean that you can get it done.


You get not only the images of materials, but also the detailed measurements and drawings – full-out blueprint style designs that won’t leave you scratching your head. Dog houses, play houses, outbuildings of many of the standard dimensions – recreation stuff like picnic tables.


No matter what you are thinking about building, I bet the plan is here.


When I got my copy of My Shed Plans, I realized that the biggest problem I faced was making a decision what I wanted to build!  Of course, I started with the garden shed that I needed first. But once that was done, I had loads of options. I found myself reviewing plans for hours, but I was able to make a couple good choices.


I even built a tool shed for a friend of mine and he paid me a pretty good price for doing it! So far, 3 more of my buddies have asked me about either building something for them or helping them. I’ve already made WAY more than I spent in buying the designs. Even though I work full-time, it’s not been a big deal to work a few of these projects into my weekends.


Thanks to My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson, I’m learning a lot about building outdoor stuff and making a nice little income on the side. That’s what I call a REAL BONUS!


 Click Here to check out Ryan’s Plans!

If I could give 10 thumbs up – I sure would!


3 Responses to “Review of Ryan Henderson plans”

  1. Allan

    Jun 15. 2013

    I enjoyed your write up, I’ve been looking at all the plans online. Ryan’s seems like a good choice for me. Thanks

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  2. Mike

    Jun 15. 2013

    He has a lot of projects in his plans that are easy to build. You will have fun finding the project you love.

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  3. Ann Champion

    Jun 30. 2015

    Why are you associated with this scam artist? It’s all over the internet what a rip off he is promoting!

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