Modern Contemporary Sheds

Today’s Modern Contemporary Sheds!
By []Michael F Riley

Today, one of the most popular trends in society is ‘going green.’ Often this means living simply, living small and living an organized life where you rinse, reuse and recycle. Interestingly, this phase has brought about thousands of modern contemporary sheds plans and ideas that can help every family experience a bit of green living on their own. In fact, there are plenty of modern shed based plans that will have you scrambling for reusable lumber and building supplies.

Most modern shed plans are specifically designed to fit contemporary living. This means, if you rent a rooftop apartment, the shed can be assembled on the roof and fit in to match the modern decor of the building. Modern shed plans are also becoming popular as an add on to a home office, studio, workspace, garden shed or even guest house at an affordable cost. Of course, the dynamics of modern design will definitely cost a little bit more. Some of the more popular home shed companies offering prefab modern sheds have a starting list price of around $7,000 for the smallest available unit.

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Some of the benefits of using shed plans to update your living spaces are that it frees up room in your home and garage. The buildings are also attractive and professional enough to fit in comfortably in any neighborhood, and remain professional enough to be a stand in for your booming business.

Most modern sheds utilize lots of windows and skylights, as well as interesting angles and shapes to fulfill their modern appeal. If that isn’t enough to get you interested, sheds also take into account the consumers’ desire to be environmentally friendly when manufacturing prefab sheds. For instance, some of the earth friendly accommodations are denim wall insulation, cork floor tiles, trex decking, structurally insulated panes, and Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. They also utilize earth friendly and ‘green’ roof options that can help eliminate the need for excessive electricity.

If you would love to try and build a modern shed of your own, and are interested in green living – you might want to start looking around at rummage sales and thrift markets for building materials. Additionally, look for Habitat for Humanity build stations in your area that sell pre-used or left over supplies from recent housing projects. Another idea – check with the couple down the street who has the dilapidated old out building and see if they would allow you to disassemble it and use the wood for your new modern shed.

The uses for a modern looking shed are varied. One popular use for many going green households has been to turn the environmentally friendly shed into a place that can facilitate their green mentality. You could add a composter and pile to the shed, recycling bins, use it to plant and pot herbs and food plants as well as have a place to store all those newspapers you have been collecting for recycling. The truth is the options are endless.

moder contemporary sheds

Modern sheds are definitely a far cry from the barn like structures you are accustomed to seeing. Look for some modern shed plans, and you can even create the perfect space for your college student or a mother in law suite to house all those visitors that just love to come and see you.


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