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John Metz has been providing plans for outbuildings for a long time now. He’s the number two choice online for plans that are complete and easy to follow. As a matter of fact, John claims that his designs are laughably easy.

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I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the ease of his plans at first glance…that was…until I bought his Woodworking4Home set of shed plans. They really are laughably easy.


When I picked up my first shed design – out of a national magazine at a home improvement store, I was certain I would never be able to build a shed myself.


John Metz
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It was then I realized that the big guys were trying to snooker me.

Once I took a look at John’s plans, I knew that the big magazine was just pulling my leg. Made me wonder if the goal of the big guns was just to make me hire someone to do the work. After all, they advertised craftsman – locals who would come out and build the portable building for you…


Get me to think it was just too difficult for a guy like me.


But John Metz made it clear that I COULD do it. All I needed was the right set of plans. He provided portable buildings designs that were detailed and clear – even someone like me could follow them.


So I did.


My tool shed is perfect! I even installed a window – and it was a snap.


Laughably easy is right.

Build your own tool shed. Or garden shed – or whatever kind of outbuilding you want.


Whatever you need to store in an outside backyard building, you can build a building to fit it. John made sure that even a technically challenged, all thumbs kinda guy like me can do it.


Thanks John.

 Click Here to get the full package of John’s plans.

You made me a hero to my wife. Now all my yard stuff is put away and she doesn’t worry about the kids playing in the back yard anymore.


4 Responses to “Woodworking4Home Reviewed”

  1. Keith

    Jun 15. 2013

    The ideas that are in his plans are really cool. I am so glad I looked into John’s package. Thanks for posting about them,

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  2. Mike

    Jun 15. 2013

    His package does have a lot to offer. Glad I was able to help you.

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  3. adam

    Dec 24. 2013

    This is a great package, I bought it last year and built a very cool storage building by my lake cabin. My neighbor is considering building one like it.

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    • Mike

      Dec 24. 2013

      Glad you found the plans useful and that you took the steps to build one! IF you get a chance, I’d love to see a picture of your building.

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