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Do you have an old shed that you use as your place of work? Either for making things to sell, or using it as an office?

Well in the past few years, with the high uptake in home working, home offices have become ever more popular, yet many people are still working from a cramped back room that is not well suited to the demands of home working.

What is ideal when working from home is your own space that is not cluttered up with junk or your kid’s old toys for example.

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So what are your options? You could add an extension to your home, but they are costly and you will need planning permission to build one, followed by several weeks of disruption whilst the builders are in carrying out the work.

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Alternatively, you could do the sensible thing and buy a wooden home office building. You may think of these as just being a plain summerhouse, yet modern summerhouses can now be bought fully equipped for home working. Whilst an older style summerhouse may only be equipped with basic features, a new one may well have the option of insulated walls and double glazing, as well as being capable of having electrical sockets and lighting fitted.

In general, a wooden building that is designed as a home office will be far better built than a normal shed or summerhouse and will feel far more sturdy as a whole.

The benefits of using a home office are huge, giving you a dedicated working space away from the clutter of your home. Not only that, but when you finish work for the day, you only have seconds to walk home!

These days, with governments having the environment and carbon emissions to think about, having a wooden outbuilding as an office has several great additional benefits. For example you are able to offset home office sheds uk  against your tax. The fact that most do not require planning permission means that you can have it built and installed in a week, saving months when compared to building an extension.

They are also far cheaper to build, and you have far more flexibility when it comes to installing your wooden building due to significantly easier planning restrictions.

Building a good home office can prove to be a good asset when it comes to selling your home, so why not consider buying a wooden building to use as an office and move out of that cramped back room?

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