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Using A Garden Shed As A Home Office
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In recent years many companies have now realized that a large amount of the work that their staff carry out can be done just as easily at home. Indeed modern technology such as high speed broadband, has enabled us to work on all of our files and email from home, as well as enabling home based video conferencing.

In short it is cheaper for most companies to have you work from home than it is to lease office space for you. A ‘hot desk’ (rental of a single desk and workspace) can often be put in place for the few times that you may be required in the office, for example.

With many more people working from home there has been a large growth in the sale of home office shed prefab. These home office buildings can vary from a simple conversion of your existing shed or garden room into an office, through to the purchase of a purpose built home office for your garden.

If you are self employed, working from a home office building such a shed can be even more attracting. This is due to the fact that the cost of the shed, the materials required to install and fit the shed, as well as furniture and equipment inside, can all be put against your tax bill. This will save you the tax that you’d usually have to pay for such an installation.

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The main attraction of a home based office building is that it is your own space to work in away from the distractions of your house. For example, you can leave your work out and your computer on without the kids disturbing them at all.

At the top end you can pay upwards of �50,000 for a decent home office, yet converting a large summer house into a home office can cost just a few thousand. Indeed with a budget of �10,000 the results can be stunning, and probably far better than the cubicle office that you used to work in.

Home office sheds can be bought fully insulated, and pre-wired with all of the electrics and lighting that you will need for your office.

You can save money by doing the fitting of the shed yourself, however you may find it easier and quicker just to do the project management of the fitting yourself, and leave the rest of the work such as the wall insulation, and the electrics to your contractors.

home office shed prefab

Buying a home office wooden building is highly recommended if you are serious about working from home, as there are now a wide range of wooden buildings to suit all budgets that can easily be converted into an office.

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