Cheap Home Office Sheds

Could the Shed in Your Backyard Be Your Home Office?
By []Florin Ciobanu

Having the ability to work from home or having a business from your home can have huge benefits which can include:

substantial decrease in traveling expenses (tolls, fares, and vehicle maintenance) savings in terms of wardrobe (the cost of the wardrobe and cleaning and maintaining it) savings for daycare expenses tax savings

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If you’re running a business from home, space and an uninterrupted day can be critical to your success (even as I type this article, I’m trying to juggle the laundry, baking muffins and writing because I’m here inside my home and know I can TRY to do it all-probably not all successfully but the distractions are there). In addition, your ability to take a home office deduction can be hindered if you don’t have space devoted JUST to your home business.  Cheap home office sheds can answer this issue once and for all.

cheap home office shedsOne way to create your own work space without taking a major loan is a shed! Now, keep in mind there are always building codes to contend with, so make sure you consult your local zoning office for any regulations pertaining to your shed before you build especially as you’ll probably want to run electricity to your office for heat, lighting and equipment. In the end though, buying a shed and having it properly wired will still be significantly cheaper than putting an addition onto your home or renting space.

The benefits to a []storage shed as a home office include:

Storage of your business supplies – there is no need to rent space at a local storage center for your business supplies and having adequate storage means taking advantage of bulk deals when you can get them and saving gas and time by not having to run to your storage unit when you need supplies. In addition, E-Bay sellers need to have space for good deals that they come across and then wish to resell on the E-Bay accounts, not to mention room for boxes and packing materials!
Space devoted just to your home office which means that you won’t run afoul of the IRS rules on home office deductions. You’ll have to talk to your accountant to get all the details on this deduction but either way, the cost of the shed IF used for your business could be deductible in one way, shape, or form.
No distractions like the laundry, baking, phone, etc. to lead you to a less than productive day. Remember, you’re a professional who needs and deserves professional space (I love clearing off my “desk” for dinner. Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?).
If you have children, having your office out of the home can be priceless. My girlfriend’s daughter recently surprised her with a picture made entirely out of the roll of postage stamps that she left on her desk! It was one of those work-from-home mom moments that we laughed about but the reality of the situation was that having her own work space would have been nice she said.

When making your decision about what size to buy, remember that you want future space for your office and that it’s easier to buy larger NOW then wish you had bought larger later. Also keep in mind how big your supplies are and what kind of door you need. You might wish for additional natural light so more windows might be good.

So consider a shed for your home office option and bring your productivity and success to new heights! Work can be only a few steps from your back door! []Handy Home Products makes some great looking sheds that would be perfect for a home office.

Article Source: [] Could the Shed in Your Backyard Be Your Home Office?


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