Perfect Shed for Your Yard

  Finding the Perfect Type of Shed for Your Yard Making plans for a shed in your backyard is a wise move. Adding a perfect shed to your property can give you extra space to store ... Continue Reading →
shed designs

Shed Designs – Right Choice For You?

  Shed Designs – How to Choose the Right One? Choosing the right design is the first step in building a storage shed. Armed with the right DIY shed building plan, you can ... Continue Reading →
shed kit

Choosing And Using Shed Plans – Shed Kit

  Choosing And Using Shed Plans Outdoor sheds can go by many names. Getting a shed kit can shorten the time to get yours built. Some people call them garden houses; others call ... Continue Reading →

Special storage in the fields

It seems like there’s just never enough storage when you live on a farm.   When my buddy, who is a farmer, was lamenting the fact that he needed storage space, I suggested he ... Continue Reading →

You can build a log cabin

My land by the lake was finally paid off and my wife wanted a log cabin. You know what that means! We shopped at the manufacturers of log homes and were completely blown away by the ... Continue Reading →

The online designs guru

Ted “Woody” McGrath has the number one product of downloadable shed plans on the internet. The reason for this is that he brings more to the “table” than any other provider.   Excuse ... Continue Reading →

Doubt your skills at building a shed? Doubt no more!

Are you tired of not having a tool shed?   I was too. Well, not only me – my wife was tired of it. So, she sent me on a quest to find one that would hold the riding mower, the ... Continue Reading →
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