6 X 10 Shed in a Box

Why a Wooden Storage Shed is Needed

6 X 10 Shed in a Box

Why a Wooden Storage Shed is Needed

By Robert McCormack

Pretty much everybody has some sort of building other than their house on their property. Whether that is a wooden storage shed or a metal shed lots of people have them. Some folks have sheds big enough to park the car in (sometimes called a garage I think) and some are smaller to accommodate the garden tools and lawn mower and other stuff that people collect. Let’s drill down (to coin a popular phrase these days) and list some other reasons people have sheds:

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  • Use as a workshop
  • Use as a playhouse for the kids
  • A sanctuary where you can quietly sit and read
  • An animal shelter for the family pets
  • Use as a wood shed
  • A place to store dried foods
  • All the kids sports toys (bicycles, surf boards)
  • A place to hold the trash cans until pickup day
  • Use as a barn if you live out in the country side
  • Use as a garden shed
  • A place to store all the junk you don’t want to toss out

6 X 10 shed in a box

There a probably a multitude of other fantastic reasons people have a shed that I have not listed here but you get the idea. Now if you don’t already have a shed and wish to acquire a shed here are some ideas of where or how to get one.

  • Let’s say you are really handy and you know that if you had tried you could easily have been a master carpenter you can start from scratch and build your own.
  • If you are wealthy beyond belief than go out and hire an expert to build a shed for you and pay 60 bucks an hour plus the cost of material.
  • You can go buy a shed in a box from the local big box store and hope that all the nuts and bolts are included in that little plastic bag taped to the inside of the box.
  • You can get on the internet search out a place to buy shed plans that map out step by step instructions on what to do and how to do it and build your own terrific little building that you can boast to your friends and neighbors about. (a variation on this last idea is to have the guys over, buy a case of bud and have a shed building party……that’s the ticket)
  • A 6 X 10 shed in a box might be the best answer to your specific needs.

For information on where to get free wooden storage shed plans and other plans for sheds check out my resource box below.


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