Portable Buildings That Anyone Can Build

Portable buildings provide us with a place to work – somewhere besides the garage where we have our cars and bikes stored. A workshop that is just for that – work.


When I figured out that I needed somewhere to work so I didn’t have to back out the cars and rearrange bicycles and lawn mowers….it was time to think about a workshop. But options are limited. Metal ones just don’t look all that great and the wood shed kits are VERY expensive.


So I set out to find a reasonable alternative in shed plans. I ended up figuring I should just build my own workshop. After all, a shed is only a shed if that’s how you use it. I decided to check into buildings that were big enough to handle the equipment I have.


And the equipment that I want to buy.


The answer was to build one of the portable buildings that has a nice door that locks, a window or two so I could have fresh air when I wanted it – and even room in the corner for a mud sink. Once I decided to add the sink, adding a bathroom was simple. (Once water is coming in and going on, it’s easy.)

shed plans


So my workshop is large enough to handle the long pieces of lumber that I work with and laid out exactly as I need it to be so I can get my work done in the easiest way possible. I opted for a large door so I can get stuff in and out without having to cut the lumber down to smaller pieces.


Building your own workshop is not hard. There are several places online that offer hundreds, if not thousands, of shed plans. Don’t kid yourself – they might call them shed plans – but if it’s big enough, it can be any kind of building you need!


The places I found with the most shed designs were:


Buy Plans Now

All of these offer a bunch of different sizes of sheds – many are large enough to provide you with a great workshop, just like mine. Once I got the shell built, I customized the inside shelving, cabinetry and workshop surfaces to make my jobs go smoothly from start to finish.


I’ve even used other plans in these packages for bookcases and bunk beds. Either one of these will provide you  with years of projects to make your life better.


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